Sunday, February 18, 2018

2014 Fall

Weather of 2014:

The weather of 2014 has sure set the record books a blaze.  We can discuss crushing snowfall totals, brutal cold winds with temperatures well below zero or Noah like rainfall that surpassed all recorded data.  In responding to these various weather conditions Palatine Township Road District continues to aid the residents of Palatine Township.  As a matter of fact, after powerful storms pass and roadways have been cleared, Palatine Township road crews are dispatched to clean-up and collect storm damage from private properties.  If you live in the INCORPORATED areas of Palatine, Inverness or Rolling Meadows, call your municipality as they will schedule a pick up based on the extent of damage.  If you experience a downed tree due to a storm event and live in the UNICORPORATED area, please call 847.358.6336 to schedule a pickup.  We will only collect storm damage if the debris has been placed with branch or cut side facing the edge of the street.  If you have small brush or branches, please tie them with twine in bundles 4 ft. or less in length and 2 ft. or less in diameter.  By doing so, they will be more manageable for disposal and we will be able to assist your neighbors more effectively and efficiently.  Just a reminder, our yard waste program pick up ends on November 25, however we will continue to have compost (aged ground up yard waste) available for pick-up at the Road District facility, located at: 530 N. Smith Street and at the Town Hall located at 721 S. Quentin Road starting in mid-September.

Asphalt Paving 2014:

This past summer, we resurfaced the Barrington Trails Subdivision in the northwest section of Palatine Township.  Roadways were surveyed for drainage concerns, milled, patched and new asphalt, surface course was placed.  These roadways included Palm, Wedgewood and Foxwood Drives along with Deerpath Road and Anna Court.  We installed new high intensity prismatic traffic signs to provide better retro-reflectivity of sight.  Additionally street name signs were updated according to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  In order to keep our roadways fully maintained and functional, permits are necessary for any home or driveway improvement.  Permits are free of charge and easy to complete.  They are simply used to document contractors and hold them accountable for any accidental damage that may occur within the roadway right of way.  For permit applications please contact us at 847.358.6336 or stop by at 530 N. Smith Street in Palatine.

Winter 2014-2015:

Last winter season 2013-2014 was truly one for the record books.  Not only did we receive extraordinary amounts of snow, 82.0 inches, but low temperatures that could be measured in degrees kelvin.  Two winter seasons ago during 2012-2013, we saw the longest stretch of snowless days since 1994 and received only 30.1 inches of snow.  Whether feast or famine, the Palatine Township Road District crew will be ready to assist.  We have executed our salt contract in order to provide the Township with bulk treated road salt and have outfitted our fleet with additional ice control measures.  We will continue to monitor weather conditions and apply the best technique to combat inclement weather.  Once again, we stand ready to do our duty to remove snow and ice in an effective manner in order keep the motoring public safe.

Help us to keep your neighbors and other motorists safe by not disposing of snow into the street, a public sidewalk or even on the parkway across from your property.  Properly pile the snow from your driveway on the downstream edge of roadway plowing operations and your drive.  This will reduce the amount of snow deposited into your driveway during the following storm event.  When a mailbox has been compromised by a plow truck, please notify us immediately so that a temporary mailbox may be installed for continued postal service.  If you any questions, concerns or need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us at 847.358.6336.  Thank you for your consideration, everyone at the Road District greatly appreciates your effort in combating the winter storms and together we will keep the roadways open and safe.