Sunday, July 31, 2016

Capital Improvements

2014 Paving 2014 Paving

The paving project for the summer of 2014 will take place in the northwest portion... 

2013 Paving 2013 Paving

The paving project for the summer of 2013 includes two areas with one in the northeast... 

2012 Paving 2012 Paving

The paving project for the summer of 2012 include areas in the north section of the... 

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2016 Yard Waste Pick Up 2016 Yard Waste Pick Up

Beginning April 4, 2016, we will resume our yard waste program by picking up the... 

2015 Compost Availability 2015 Compost Availability

In order to build a great garden or lawn a solid foundation needs to be established. ... 

2013 – 2014 Winter Update 2013 – 2014 Winter Update

Last winter season 2012-2013, we saw the longest stretch of snowless days since 1994. ... 

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Public Awareness

2015 Strategic Plan 2015 Strategic Plan

Palatine Township Road District provides maintenance for roadways, including bridges and right of ways, in the unincorporated areas of Palatine Township.  We provide services in a timely, efficient and courteous manner always mindful that the taxpayers of Palatine Township are paying for the services we provide.  It is important that the Road District... [Read more of this review...]

Roadway History Roadway History

The 1785 Land Ordinance passed under the US Articles of Confederation was intended to provide a means of raising money for the US government through the sale of the land west of the original 13 colonies. Since the area was largely unmapped a system for mapping and subdividing the land had to be devised. The ordinance provided that the land would be... [Read more of this review...]

Household Waste Household Waste

Water is the foundation for everything we do throughout life.  It is used for recreation, economic development and of course human existence.  However, not much of the water on the Earth is fit for consumption.  Ninety seven percent of the Earth’s water is salt water, while the rest is frozen in glaciers or polluted.  In fact, 780 million people... [Read more of this review...]

Small Stream Maintenance Program Small Stream Maintenance Program

To reduce flooding in urbanized areas through immediate and relatively simple remedies is the mission statement of the Small Streams Maintenance Program (SSMP) of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD).  Since it began in 2006, dedicated crews have provided a valuable service by removing debris from creeks, streams and... [Read more of this review...]

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