Sunday, February 18, 2018

2013 Fall

Weather of 2012:

Unlike last summer, this past summer, we received intense rainfalls that caused flooding or downed trees.  After these storms pass, roadways were first cleared of any debris or obstructions.  After, cleanup crews are dispersed throughout the area to pick up storm damage.  If you live in the incorporated areas, such as Village of Palatine, Inverness, Barrington or the City of Rolling Meadows please call your municipality as they will schedule a pick up based on extent of damage.  If you experience a downed tree due to a storm event and live in the unincorporated area, please call Palatine Township Road District to schedule a pickup.  We will only collect storm damage if the debris has been placed with branch or cut side facing the edge of the street.  If you have small brush or branches, please tie them with twine in bundles 4 ft. or less in length and 2 ft. or less in diameter.  By doing so, they will be more manageable for disposal and we will be able to assist your neighbors more effectively and efficiently.

Asphalt Paving 2013:

This past summer, we scheduled to grind, repave and stripe Tiburon Subdivision in the northeast section of Palatine Township.  We replaced sidewalks that were buckled and installed accessible sidewalk at all the intersections.  Concrete curb and gutter was replaced and storm structures were adjusted.  Other roads that were improved in late August, early September were Nichols and Bloomington Roads as well as the Forest Estates Subdivision.  Additionally, we also installed new high intensity prismatic signs which will provide for better retro-reflectivity of sight.


We continue to add information to our website found at  Under the PERMITS & FORMS header you may find information regarding procedures and documents needed for driveway replacement, right of way utility installation and for special road use.  Additionally, due to the heavy and frequent storms, we continually update the website to reflect any changes to our yard waste collection schedule and methods.  As stated under SERVICES, all bundled tree clippings collected for yard waste should be 4’ in length.  Any storm damage can be placed with branch, stem or cut side toward the street.  Ever wonder what a 100 year storm event is?  What is EAB?  Where can disaster assistance be found?  Check out our website to find these answers and more.  If you would like to see something covered on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us at 847.358.6336, or by email at