Sunday, February 18, 2018

2015 Compost Availability

In order to build a great garden or lawn a solid foundation needs to be established.  This can be done by adding compost.  Compost is simply a decayed organic matter such as fallen leaves, dead plants and grass clippings. It is rich in nutrients that aid in plant growth and make a great soil additive.  After all, soil is the first building block for our landscaping.  The compost will help improve your soil structure by loosening clay soils, helping sandy soils retain water and feeding the microorganisms within to create a healthy sustainable soil that will allow your plants and vegetables to flourish.

Compost is so great for your plants and vegetables that it can be used in lieu of additional fertilizers and has been an integral part of landscaping for centuries.  As you know Palatine Township offers yard waste pick up throughout the year.  By braking this yard waste down  and maintaining a compost pile over the late fall, winter and spring months a large amount of compost is available for free.  Please feel free to stop by and take some home for all your planting needs:


  1. Add large amounts of compost to a new garden to improve your soil.
  2. Add a light layer of compost every year to give your plants the nutrients they need.
  3. Upon planting new perennials or dividing annuals, add a little compost to the planting hole.
  4. Don’t forget your lawn.  Again, add a light layer of compost to feed your lawn and rake it in.

This material is available for pick up at the Road District Garage, located at 530 N. Smith Street, Palatine.  Please call 847.358.6336 for directions and hours.