Friday, September 21, 2018

Storm Aid

Downers GroveIt seems that in past summers we either experienced a lengthy drought or intense rainfalls that caused flooding or downed trees.  For your aid , after the storm passes and roadways have been cleared, clean-up crews are scheduled to collect storm damage from private properties.  If you live in the incorporated areas of Palatine, Inverness or Rolling Meadows, call your municipality as they will schedule a pick up based on the extent of damage.  If you experience a downed tree due to a storm event and live in the unincorporated area, please call 847.358.6336 to schedule a pickup.  We will only collect storm damage if the debris has been placed with branch or cut side facing the edge of the street.  If you have small brush or branches, please tie them with twine in bundles 4 ft. or less in length and 2 ft. or less in diameter.  By doing so, they will be more manageable for disposal and we will be able to assist your neighbors more effectively and efficiently.  Additionally, for your use, we have sand bags and sand available for filling and pick-up at the Road District facility, located at: 530 N. Smith Street, Palatine.  Please call 847-358-6336 for availability, directions and hours.