Sunday, February 18, 2018

2018 Yard Waste Pick Up

Beginning April 2, 2018, we will resume our yard waste program by picking up the kraft paper lawn and leaf bags.  This service will continue through November 20, 2018. In Late March, we will deliver to every unincorporated home 56 yard waste stickers.   These stickers are to be used on yard waste bags that you […]


2018 Compost Availability

In order to build a great garden or lawn a solid foundation needs to be established.  This can be done by adding compost.  Compost is simply a decayed organic matter such as fallen leaves, dead plants and grass clippings. It is rich in nutrients that aid in plant growth and make a great soil additive.  […]


2018 Tire Amnesty

Tires are a staple of modern society, however it has become one of our largest solid waste headaches. This nuisance extends especially to our roadside ditches. Violators “fly dump” their unwanted tires, creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes, flooding and maintenance concerns for the Road District, not to mention an unsightly landscape. In response, we created […]