Sunday, February 18, 2018


Smoke from Minnesota wildfires caused quite a stir in Northern Cook and Lake Counties this afternoon.  According to a Septemeber 13th Associated Press release,  “The fire started August 18 with a lighting strike 20 miles from Ely, but only began spreading quickly this week in windy, dry conditions. The fire raced 16 miles east in a single day from Monday to Tuesday…The plume came from a fire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, a lake-dotted region along the Minnesota-Canada border, that grew swiftly this week to cover nearly 160 square miles.”  The National Weather Service stated “The smoke will likely persist through the afternoon and into the overnight hours, and continue to the southeast across much of northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana through this evening…Smoke is prevalent enough to cause people to report difficulty breathing and burning of their eyes.  Individuals with respiratory problems should use caution while smoke affects the area.”   The National Weather Service release this animation of the smoke plume heading to Chicago on Sunday the 11th.  Please if you are experiencing any difficulty breathing C A L L  9 1 1.